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Welcome to Tasting Page. I’m Kelly, your official taster. My goal is to share great whole food tastes that you can prepare in your own kitchen, experience in Los Angeles restaurants or enjoy on your next food-focused vacation, when the exotic cuisine won’t come to you.

I took a bit of a circuitous route to get here that began when I quit my 15-year corporate marketing job at the Discovery Channel to live, and more specifically eat, drink and travel across Europe. I spent nearly two years based in Paris, where I was the restaurant critic for the Girls’ Guide to Paris, studied food and wine at Le Cordon Bleu, and wrote French-focused recipes and European travel pieces for Parisian and Francophiles alike. 

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I have returned to Los Angeles, albeit a bit reluctantly, but for more reasons than one. I came home from Paris with a running injury that would inexplicably plague me for years, even after way too many doctor visits, minor surgeries, CT scans and physical therapy. It wasn’t until I turned to clean eating that I finally found lasting healing from the acute pain. Along the way I also discovered how a proper diet can heal so many other important functions in the body, including correcting hormonal and gut imbalances. I'm now a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and love to share the best food for optimum wellness.

Tasting Page focuses on all natural recipes designed to energize the system, reduce inflammation and balance the body. You’ll find recipes that are gluten free, dairy free and free from refined sugar, along with many vegan options. Meat and fish do make occasional appearances, but only after the animals have been carefully sourced, ensuring that they are living in proper conditions and eating what they were born to eat.

I don’t identify with one specific diet. I prefer “clean eating” or “real food.” You’ll find recipes on Tasting Page that are Candida-friendly, paleo, anti-inflammatory, GAPS, low FODMAP, plant based, vegetarian and vegan, but I’m really just looking to eat natural ingredients that grow from the ground, not in a factory. 

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Seeing as I also like to review the latest Los Angeles restaurants, it can be very difficult to keep a healthy halo. Luckily many chefs are now making a concerted effort to serve local, fresh ingredients with a growing emphasis on moving vegetables from a tiny, overcooked portion on the side of the plate, to a more starring and tasty role in the center.

In addition to healthier dining options, Tasting Page also features recommendations for freshly curated cocktails and well-researched wine options. Grapes grow from the ground and often have a story as interesting as some of the food they accompany. I’m always seeking to learn more about wine, the terroir from which it grows, and the people dedicating their lives to the craft. That’s also why you’ll see a lot of travel stories that take place in and around vines and farms. I like to immerse myself in other cities' cultures and cuisines.

As a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach you'll find me sharing lots of health and well being information to help you live a balanced life. I’m also a graduate of the Professional Culinary School Program at the New School of Cooking, and passed the WSET, Wine Spirits Education Trust, level 2 program with distinction. 

So join me as I offer a healthy taste of food, wine and travel, here on Tasting Page.


Kelly Page

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