Michael's Santa Monica has been serving diners for 37 years, but is fresh off a small face lift which includes the installation of whiz kid chef, Miles Thompson, formerly of Allumette.

The Springs' new food partnership with Juice Served Here means great healthy meals on offer like gluten free, vegan salads and dairy free yogurt and chia pudding in many locations around LA.

A block off Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade is Erven, an unassuming, plant based restaurant, serving unique and bold flavor combinations. 


This gluten free, egg free, coconut lime baked chicken has all the flavor of your favorite comfort food, without any of the processed ingredients, making for a healthier, tastier dinner. 

These mini socca rounds are a great gluten free, dairy free, cracker substitute to snack on or serve your favorite dip or pesto on. It's a great addition to your holiday appetizer collection.

Dress up your gluten free zucchini noodles, aka zoodles, with a seasonal pumpkin kale pesto. Drop them in a colorfully carved orange pepper, and you're ready for Halloween!


Prague has had a turbulent past with different rulers and occupation, but it's now finding its own voice, and balancing old and new, with history and development.

Krakow Poland has a growing healthy food scene with options for vegans and those who are gluten free, or simply want a break form heavier Polish food.

Krakow Poland, the former capital of Poland, is a culturally-rich city that offers many great sights to explore over a long weekend. Here are your must-see items to experience while visiting Krakow.


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