Stepping off an uninteresting strip of bustling Overland, I was slightly weary of what lay behind the doors of N/Naka, and not just because the doors were actually locked when I arrived.  Our reservation was for 6:30 which is the time they open and yes, a far cry from the 9pm dinners I was used to eating in Paris, but since our meal spanned over 4 hours, I was glad we got an early start.

4 hours.  What took 4 hours?  13 courses, that's what.  I love when the only choices on the menu are:  pick between 9 courses or 13, and wine pairing or not.  I like surprises and luckily for me, Chef Niki Nakayama is an unbelievably capable chef who you want to surprise and delight you, all night long.      - Continue Reading


Kelly Page

I'm a food fanatic who makes healthy whole food recipes, reviews the latest Los Angeles restaurants, appreciates fine wine and cocktails, and travels to experience different cultures and cuisines.