From Paris to the Dairy, E-I-E-I-O


After a year and a half of Traveling, Tasting, and Toasting in and around the City of Light, that chapter has come to a close (at least for now), along with my Page in Paris website.  Fear not though my foie gras deprived Californians, this Page has returned to sunny Los Angeles with an unquenchable desire for the stinkiest of cheeses, the dirtiest of wines (and rejoice, I’m back to good dirty martinis without a 10 minute explanation on how to put vodka and olive juice in a glass), and there will be more travel (and evidently a lot more parentheses).  

First stop is the farm to learn how to make my own, much missed and loved, fromage blanc.  Continue reading to see how much fun you can have with goats. 


Kelly Page

I'm a food fanatic who makes healthy whole food recipes, reviews the latest Los Angeles restaurants, appreciates fine wine and cocktails, and travels to experience different cultures and cuisines.