Pork with Balsamic Strawberry Sauce


My enjoyment of strawberry season in LA got off to a slow start this year.  I was going to the farmer's market, and buying the most inexpensive berries they were selling.  They looked like strawberries and crunched like strawberries, but they tasted like, well, not much.  I wanted to cry and go back to France and have the sweetest, most delicious berries from the South of France, les gariguettes, but alas, easier and cheaper proved to be doing a little research on some better strawberries in the area.

I had passed Harry's Berries at the Ocean Park farmer's market before, but kept walking when I saw the price.  They were $18 for a 3 pack, but this was the good stuff.  I walked up and asked why they were so much more money than the other berries in the market. - Continue Reading


Kelly Page

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