A Simple Salad for South Africa

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If you were to look at the lunches I ate in grade school, you (and I) would never believe that I would go on to write a food blog years later. Inside my plain brown bag I carried to school every day was a simple baggie containing my sandwich. The sandwich didn't include arugula or sun dried tomatoes and wasn't on gluten free, all natural artisanal bread. No, it was constructed on plain white, soft Wonder bread with a smear of butter, or more likely margarine, and a Kraft American cheese slice carefully unfolded from its single serving wrapper. Four slices of hard salami would go on top with each slice touching an opposite corner of the Wonder bread. The sandwich was precisely cut in half and devoured by me every day at school for eight years. The salami and cheese sandwich was my staple. My given. My go to.
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Kelly Page

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