Abbot Kinney's Hidden Food Finds

It's no secret that Venice's Abbot Kinney is a hot bed for foodies and hipsters alike. A new restaurant seems to open up on this street every month. In the past year alone, there's been Salt Air and Willie Jane and newcomers at the end of Washington like Scopa and South End. You'd think they'd run out of room on this stretch of hot real estate, and perhaps they are, because now new spots are opening up in the spaces in between. You could even say they're coming out of the wood work with two new noshing nooks serving their fare in and under the trees off Abbot Kinney.
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Abbot Kinney hidden food

Kelly Page

I'm a food fanatic who makes healthy whole food recipes, reviews the latest Los Angeles restaurants, appreciates fine wine and cocktails, and travels to experience different cultures and cuisines.