LA's PopUp Evening of Masquerade

Just like fruits and vegetables have a season, so do the parties I like to attend. If it's summer, I'm in white, near the beach, and this past summer, the party that captured this so perfectly was the PopUp Dinner LA - Evening in White held on the Santa Monica Pier. Now that the temperatures have dipped a few scant degrees, naturally it's time to go indoors and don black evening attire. So once again, Handmade Events has come through with the event of the season, and they brought LA the first winter PopUp Evening of Masquerade because well, anyone can wear all black, but when you throw in some masks, you've got a party.
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Kelly Page

I'm a food fanatic who makes healthy whole food recipes, reviews the latest Los Angeles restaurants, appreciates fine wine and cocktails, and travels to experience different cultures and cuisines.