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Thanks for stopping by Tasting Page and sharing a healthy taste of food, travel, and wellness with me. I’m Kelly Page, your official taster.  

When I first started Tasting Page, I wanted to share my passion for enjoying great cuisine at home, in restaurants or on the road. My goal is still the same, but now my mission is larger.

It started after being completely burned out at my corporate marketing job of 15 years. My adrenals, digestion, and hormones were shot, but  I was gunning for the next level promotion. When it was finally offered, I paused. It was what I had always wanted. It was a big step up the corporate ladder, but it would mean even more time and stress in my already depleted life. Having recently lost my mom to cancer, I was in evaluation mode, determining if I was living my best life. So when my boss reached across his desk with outstretched hand and big job offer, I shook it, thanked him for the opportunity, and turned it down. Then I quit. And moved to Paris.

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Paris was a place I had always dreamed of living, but didn’t ever think was possible, until I did it.

In Paris, I decompressed. I slowed down. I regained my health, my vitality, and that je ne sais quoi that had been missing in my life for so long. I finally made time to get quiet to listen to what my body and my mind needed.

Spoiler: I learned I needed to slow waaaaaay down. Over time, I also learned that my brain, thoughts, and emotions needed to come together in support of a healthier lifestyle. Diet alone wasn't going to heal me. It took focusing on everything that came into my mind, body, and spirit to make a true transformation.

Weeks turned into months and I found myself in no hurry to return to the US. So I got a visa and studied cooking and wine at Le Cordon Bleu. I began writing for international travel and lifestyle publications. I became the restaurant critic for the Girls’ Guide to Paris. Soon food, wine, and travel weren’t just part of my life, they were my life, which led to a further revelation, brought on by a running injury after the Paris half-marathon.

After two blissful years living abroad, I returned to Los Angeles with a unrelenting pain in my leg. There were too many doctors’ visits, minor surgeries, CT scans and physical therapy that accomplished little more than running up my insurance tab. It wasn’t until I turned inward and looked towards different food and lifestyle choices that I finally found long lasting healing. 

I learned how food and lifestyle imbalances can cause inflammation in the body. I learned how all ingredients are not created equal. I learned that what you eat, and also what you think, can have a huge impact on your mind and body.

Now I’m a Certified Transformational Nutrition and Health Coach. I enjoy helping people remove the obstacles that prevent them from living their best life. Not feeling well can range from dietary issues to stagnation in careers and relationships. As we age, many of us aren’t satisfied with where we are because we’ve stopped making time to reflect, engage in social activities, or even prepare a nutritious home cooked meal.

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On Tasting Page, I give you a heavy dose of food that’s designed to nourish and energize your system. The recipes are all gluten free, dairy free, and free from refined sugar, with vegan, paleo, and Whole30 options. I've eliminated the ingredients that cause inflammation, and replaced them with ones that give the body a big boost of energy. I do eat clean meat and fish, always making sure everything is well sourced, with animals living in natural, humane conditions, eating what they were born to eat.

You’ll find recipes on Tasting Page that are Candida-friendly, anti-inflammatory, GAPS, low FODMAP, and plant based, but no matter the name, my goal is to eat natural ingredients that grow from the ground, and are not created in a factory. I focus on a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables with good protein sources to keep energy levels high. 

In addition to eating healthy and healing foods, I also make sure you're consuming positive and nourishing thoughts. I share some of the best practices that I've learned from teachers I've studied with around the world so that you can apply practical tips to live your best life right now.

You’ll also find healthier options to order when dining at the latest Los Angeles restaurants, or while traveling the world, as I like to do. It can be a challenge, but luckily many chefs are now making a concerted effort to serve fresh, local ingredients. I love to see the growing global emphasis on moving vegetables from a tiny, overcooked portion on the side of the plate, to a more starring role in the center. 

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In addition to healthier dining options, Tasting Page also features recommendations for carefully curated cocktails and well-sourced wine options. Grapes grow from the ground and often have a story as interesting as some of the food on the plate. I’m always seeking to learn more about wine, the terroir from which it grows, and the people dedicating their lives to the craft. That’s also why you’ll see a lot of travel stories. I like to immerse myself in other cities and cultures and what better way than through exploring the local cuisine.

I’m a graduate of the Professional Culinary School Program at the New School of Cooking, and passed the WSET, Wine Spirits Education Trust, Level 2 Program with distinction. I’m a Certified Transformational Nutrition and Health Coach and I’ve been studying yoga, meditation, and holistic healing practices all over the world for more than 20 years.

Join me as I offer a healthy taste of food, travel, and wellness here on Tasting Page.


Kelly Page