The Springs - Juice Served Here Healthy Menu

The Springs' new food partnership with Juice Served Here means great healthy meals on offer like gluten free, vegan salads and dairy free yogurt and chia pudding, in multiple locations around LA.

The Spring Juice Served Here salads

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. Not surprising right? Then there's all the fun travel exploring cool places to share with you. Have you caught up on my trip to Krakow? And after kitchen and travel time, there comes actual work time, and guess what? Sometimes I run out of time, and food, and I panic. Know what I'm talking about? There are a ton of places to grab something quick on the go, but those options usually don't fall under my clean eating umbrella, hence, all the time in my kitchen.

The Springs LA

Luckily someone heard my pain, and your's too. The Springs, who I've written about and adored here previously, has partnered with Juice Served Here, to answer some of my eating woes. Better yet, they invited me to come in and sample their just released plant based menu.

Juice Served Here

Two great healthy minds, and companies, have come together to present clean eating dishes, that are nearly all vegan, with just an appearance of responsibly sourced eggs, as well as honey in a few dishes. There's gluten free menu items galore, but for those that need a hit of wheat, you can order yourself a sandwich with "real" bread.

The Spring Juice Served Here Medi Bowl

Otherwise, there's a trio of pretty amazing salads like Medi Greens with quinoa, tomato, cucumbers, arugula, olives, chickpeas and a housemade almond feta. In fact, everything is homemade at The Springs, and delivered fresh to each Juice Served Here location every day. The Springs also serves most of the new menu items at their wellness hot spot downtown. 

The Spring Juice Served Here Super Bowl

My favorite salad was the Super Bowl, because, yeah, it's pretty super with quinoa, butternut squash, black beans, red cabbage, seaweed (yay for seaweed making a showing!), collard greens and a delicious ginger miso dressing. I found my new go-to grab and go salad!

The Spring Juice Served Here salads

The dressings and some of the toppings like crunchy coconut bacon come in separate containers so you're not dealing with any mush factor. When you're ready to eat, you dump, cover and shake. Voila, a perfectly mixed, crisp salad.

In talking to the Juice Served Here Culinary Director, Gregg Drusinsky, who also once served in the same capacity at The Springs, he talks passionately about the menu he created with The Springs' new, well pedigreed Executive Chef, Jasmine Shimoda. The ingredients are about 97% organic. That last 3% can be a bitch...and is often unattainable.

The Springs Juice Served Here salads

Not only is Drusinsky working to feed healthy food to locals, but he also wants to create a wellness community of his own in the Juice Served Here locations. The LA car culture can keep us all pretty isolated, so it's nice to have a spot where you can stop in for a bite, drink, or even do a little work in the company of some fellow Angelenos. 

Juice Served Here Venice

The atmosphere is very aesthetically pleasing at Juice Served Here, an element that Drusinsky says helps differentiate them from the competition. I stopped in to the Venice location on Lincoln Boulevard and was greeted with roll up windows so there's lots of natural light and a big wrap around bar to belly up. With a gentle breeze blowing through, it's a nice place to spend a few hours.

The Springs Juice Served Here yogurt

New menu items will roll out with the seasons, but I'm hoping they keep their chocolate chia pudding on there. Dates, cashew, cinnamon and chia seeds come together with an addicting crunchy sweetened buckwheat topping that I can't decide if I should eat for breakfast or dessert. Of course I know that the answer should be both!

It's nice to have some new clean eating menu items to grab and go, or relax with while enjoying some quiet time in a pretty setting. For the truly time strapped, they're also offering delivery via Postmates so the healthy food can come to you!

Juice Served Here (multiple locations)
609 S. Lincoln Boulevard, Venice

I was a guest of The Springs - Juice Served Here to sample the new menu, but all opinions are my own.