Michael Voltaggio's ink.sack


Have you ever been driving around wanting to grab something on the go, but it had to be something tasty, and quasi good for you?  No big macs or nachos supreme (unless it's a really rough Sunday).  And while the smell coming from Subway is intoxicating, you just don't feel like picking out ingredients displayed in buckets in front of you.  Enter ink.sack. 

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Paws Up Family Glamping

Paws Up Montana

My dad turned 75 this year. Sorry dad, the secret is out. My dad has had a pretty nice life. He's been many places in the world and has acquired a fair amount of "stuff." It's been a good 75 years, but that left my brothers and me with a tough decision on how to celebrate his milestone. We originally threw out the idea of going to Europe to explore our family roots. My dad nixed that idea saying that the grandkids, aged 11 - 16, would be pretty bored. He's selfless, but also a realist. We told him we could do anything he wanted. His reply surprised us. "Can we go to a dude ranch?" Uh, sure. So my 10 family members set out this June to a dude ranch in Montana to celebrate his birthday.

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