Butcher's Daughter Abbot Kinney Venice

Butcher's Daughter Venice

The healthy new restaurants on Abbot Kinney in Venice keep coming. I just spoke about Greenleaf Chopshop, and before that was vegan Plant Food and Wine, and you might even include Fala Bar in the healthy restaurant conversation with their organic vegan falafel, that happens to also be uber-fried. So the opening of Butcher's Daughter puts it in good company of healthy new restaurants on Abbot Kinney in Venice.

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Spicy Cilantro Lime Baked Salmon

Spicy Cilantro Baked Salmon | TastingPage.com

You know how good salmon is for you, right? I do, but for some reason, I never make it at home. It has a pronounced smell and I've always gravitated to other fish. Then I keep reading the articles about the amazing Omega 3 benefits of salmon, not to mention all of the great vitamins. I guess I finally hit my wall and decided it's time to cook some salmon. I knew I'd need some bold flavors to make sure this wasn't a boring "fishy-fish" recipe, so that's why we have today's spicy cilantro lime baked salmon.

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