Smoky Cashew Chipotle Cheese {Vegan, Dairy Free}

Smoky cashew chipotle cheese

Did you know that you can make cheese out of cashews? To be fair, cheese is probably not the best word, but "spread" doesn't seem to do it justice. 

If you blend cashews with a little water and lemon juice, you start to have a spread. And it tastes good. Seriously.

Then there's the nutritional yeast, which brings a cheesy flavor to the equation, but with no added dairy.

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Petit Trois

Petit Trois croque

I miss many things about living in Paris, but one of the biggies is the food. I'm not going to diss Los Angeles restaurants because I actually think we have some great, inventive and diverse cuisine here. However, I miss having a causal French bistro on every corner or at least in my neighborhood, where I can go for a simple, but well prepared meal. Ludo Lefebvre is trying to help me out with his newest restaurant Le Petit Trois.

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Spicy Black Bean Quinoa Patties {Vegan, GF}

Spicy Black Bean Quinoa Patties

I started playing with making my own kind of burger that was vegan and gluten free after being somewhat discouraged by all the store bought alternatives. Here's the thing, just because something is gluten free and vegan, doesn't mean it's going to be automatically healthy. There are so many fillers and processed ingredients that can go into making meat-free patties that you might as well skip the whole thing if you're trying to eat clean.

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