Saint Martha Restaurant Koreatown

Saint Martha Koreatown

Do you remember when you used to go out to eat and just get meat and potatoes? Do you remember a time when kale and artisanal toast wasn't on every Los Angeles restaurant menu? Me neither. Times are a changing and chefs are getting more and more creative in the kitchen. Is it our fault? Do we constantly crave something new and different? Or do chefs crave creating something new and different? Either way, I love the exploration into new territories.

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Coconut Oat Bars with Caramel Chocolate Chips

Coconut oat bars with caramel chocolate chips

Growing up, my mom was never much of a baker and we never ate many sweets, but cookies always fell into their own category. She'd dabble with snowball cookies and an occasional mincemeat for my dad, but the crowd pleaser was always the chocolate chip cookie. There weren't nuts, berries or different spices involved. It was just Nestle Toll House straight up, and there was nothing like it. It was the best sweet treat after muscling through the green beans and fish for dinner.

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