Venice's Rose Avenue Restaurants

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I remember when Rose Avenue in Venice, between Lincoln and Main Street, used to be a stretch of road you quickly drove through, and rarely would consider walking down. The street and those jutting off north and south used to be home to many RVs that had taken up permanent residence, so much so, that there are now signs on these streets prohibiting any large vehicle parking. A lot has changed in just a few short years.

Superba Snack Bar

Locals like myself can start by thanking Oscar Hermosillo for taking a gamble back in 2006 when he opened a tiny wine shop and wine bar on Rose called Venice Beach Wines. The great success of VBW (and no, not just by me, though I certainly did my part) led to nearly a half dozen other restaurants opening on the block, as well as high end apartments, clothing stores and there's even a yoga studio to make the full-on LA transition complete. No complaints here except now I don't drive down to Rose because there's too much traffic!

Here's a look at all the new Rose Avenue restaurants between 5th and 6th, and with several more currently in construction, look for this list to continue to expand.

Venice Beach Wines

Venice Beach Wines is the place that started the Rose revitalization, and it's definitely worth a stop to grab the glass du jour. A well stocked wine shop allows you to purchase to go, or open one of those bottles and sit on the airy deck with some bacon wrapped dates and Moroccan lamb meatballs. You'll sit cheek to cheek with your neighbor on communal, wrap around benches, and eat your food off turned over milk crates. It's fun and festive from happy hour right through to Sunday brunch.

Oscar's Cerveteca

The Oscar of Venice Beach Wines knew he was on to something with VBW so he astutely bought the property next door to open his namesake restaurant, Oscar's Cerveteca. Instead of wine and cheese, think beer and tacos. The space and the menu are both more extensive with large plates of baby back ribs, a range of salads and burgers, but don't miss something in a tortilla like the tacos de barbacoa.


Continuing west towards the beach, you'll hit Flake and post yoga locals eating bowls of cereals, breakfast sandwiches, wraps and salads. You order inside, grab a seat, and enjoy some people watching before and after your meal is delivered to you. Flake closes at 3:30 so be sure to plan an early visit.

Flake Rose Avenue Venice

Moon Juice

If all that chewing seems like too much work, then stop into Moon Juice to drink your meal. They've got cold pressed juices, shots, milks and a cure for everything that ails you. You can also sign up for a whole liquid program to cleanse and revitalize your system.

Moon Juice Venice

Simon's Provisions

The newest kid on the block is a great little take out, general store, Simon's Provisions. Grab the makings for your own picnic of wine, artisanal beer, cheese, crackers and interesting noshes. If you feel like there's something missing from your perfect meal, write on the communal butcher paper hanging from the wall and the Provision folks will see if they can get it for you, assuming you didn't ask for a puppy, but then again, I haven't tried.

Cafe Gratitude

Just across the street is the place locals are literally eating up, Cafe Gratitude. Now, I'm personally grateful for food in all its forms, including food that comes from well cared for and fed animals, but I feel like I could get kicked out of this place at any time for my beef breath. There may also be a roll of an eye, or two, when I have to say "I Am Serene" when placing my order with the oh so positive, uniquely named dishes, but Cafe Gratitude is serving up 100% organic vegan fare purchased from local farmers, so far that, I'm very grateful.

Hostaria del Piccolo

If you're looking for something just a little naughtier than vegan cuisine, walk a few doors down to Hostaria del Piccolo. This Italian food is a little more rustic and rowdy than Hostaria's more high end location on Dudley Court in Venice. The energy inside is quite palpable. In fact, if you want to hear your date, sit outside on the covered, heated patio. If you'd like to find your next date, sit at the communal table inside or at the counter to watch the pizza oven at work. Full review here.

Superba Snack Bar

Saving the best for last, Superba Snack Bar is offering the best of the best with their well cared for and loved house made pastas. Chef Jason Neroni can often be found in the tiny kitchen working the sous vide machine, putting the perfectly poached egg on the smoked bucatini carbonara or shaving fresh parmesan onto the braised rabbit pappardelle. That's why it's fun to sit at the bar and watch the magic happen, but the patio is also romantic and cozy, and they'll even throw you a colorful Mexican blanket if things get too cool. I highly recommend ending your dinner with the graham cracker, chocolate pudding, smoked marshmallow s'more, condensed into a mason jar for a satisfied, sticky-free finale.

With more building in the works on 6th Street, Rose Avenue is definitely making a name for itself. I don't like to call Rose the new Abbot Kinney because I'd hate to see chain retail stores come on the block, but that's what AK said at one point too. I just like to see the revitalization of this stretch of Rose as a way to bring more neighbors out to socialize with others in the community. 

Rose Avenue Restaurants