Build Your Wellness Library with the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

You can enjoy one-stop shopping for your health and wellness needs with the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.
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Anyone here trying to get a little healthier?  

Unless, you’ve gotten lost and simply stumbled across my website, I’m guessing that you’re trying to improve your health. 

Maybe you’re trying to eat better, reduce stress, or just increase the happiness in your life.

Whatever it is, I know it can be a little daunting to learn new practices to try and improve your health.

That’s why I’m really excited to tell you about the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. 

What is the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle?

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is a collection of amazing resources designed to get you feeling great in your mind and your body.

I’ve partnered with some fellow health and wellness professionals to offer a best-of collection of healthy living practices.

What’s Included in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle?

When you buy the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle you’ll get access to: 

  • 47 eBooks

  • 33 eCourses, audios & workshops

  • 11 printable packs & workbooks

  • 2 summits 

That’s 93 different resources.

Did you hear me? NINETY-THREE!

That’ll get your healthy living library off to a great start. 

What Topics are Covered in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle?

With 93 resources, we cover a lot of ground in the health arena.

Brain and Mental Health

One of my favorite categories that’s included is brain and mental health. There’s a get happy e-course and 30-day challenge that gives you simple and free changes to incorporate into your life to transform it in just a month. Wouldn’t you love to be a little happier one month from today? 

I also like Dr. Tom Nehmy’s Seven Secrets to a Healthy Mind: For Mental Health, Wellbeing & Resilience. He uses a well-being wheel much like my Health Living Wheel and Quiz to assess your current state, and then gives you steps to take to build your personal effectiveness.

Diet and Detox

There’s over a half dozen products in the diet and detox category, including a program by yours truly. I’ve included my 6 Week Mind-Body Reset Program to Transform Your Diet, Your Mindset, and Your Life. It’s a step-by-step, done-for-you diet and lifestyle plan that helps increase energy, pump up your vitality, build confidence, and transform your body, mind, and spirit without deprivation or compromise. It’s a great overview and resource to keep on hand for all your healthy living needs.

There’s also a 7-Day Sugar Detox that will help you wean off sugar. In addition, you can learn about Intermittent Fasting, Candida, Low Carb Cooking, and going Plant Based or Keto.

You can bet there are lots of recipes, guides, and tips to get you eating healthier. 

Other categories included in the Healthy Living Bundle:

  • Exercise

  • Hormones

  • Nutrition

  • Natural Health

  • Essential Oils

  • DIY Home Remedies

  • Chronic Illness

  • Recipes

  • Lifestyle

  • Sleep

  • Garden & Home

  • Healthy Kids                                                         

Healthy Living Bundle Bonuses

As if 93 resources isn’t enough, there’s a bunch of fab bonuses included when you purchase the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.

  • FREE $20 Gift Certificate from Perfect Supplements, $20 value. Anyone that buys in the first two days, ie. Wednesday-Thursday, September 4-5 gets $20 from one of my favorite supplement companies. I always have Perfect Supplements in my house like: coconut oil, desiccated liver, spirulina-chlorella powder, and collagen.

  • FREE $15 Gift Certificate from TriLight Health, $15 value

  • FREE $20 Gift Certificate from Get Kombucha, $20 value

  • FREE $15 Gift Certificate (or free SPOT treatment) from Bloom Naturals, $15 value

  • FREE $25 Gift Certificate from Balance One (LIMIT FIRST 500 ORDERS starting 9/4), $25 value

  • FREE 3 month subscription from MASHUP® (LIMIT FIRST 500 ORDERS starting 9/4), $29.97 value

  • FREE 2oz Elderberry Tincture from Earthley, $17.99 value

  • FREE Soap & Lip Balm from Puro Co, $15 value

  • FREE Eyeshadow Duo from Orglamix, $18 value

  • FREE Purely Shea from MadeOn, $17.50 value 

Want to learn more about the Healthy Living bonuses? Here are some of my favorites and the ones I got with this year’s bundle.

How Much Is the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle?

The 93 resources and all the bonuses above are valued at $3,236.39.

But wait. Here comes the good part.

Would you believe it’s 98% off and will only cost you $37?

Not a typo. THIRTY-SEVEN dollars.

You can’t even buy my 6-week mind-body reset program for $37. So even if you just wanted my program, which is a good one, you’d still be getting an amazing deal. 

This is a great way to start a healthy living library.

You have access to all the resources for life so you may not need help with hormones now, but just wait sista until later! All the hormone info will be ready for you whenever you might need it. 

The only catch is that you have to purchase the bundle by 11:59pm September 9.

With the holidays just a few months away, this would also make a great gift for someone in your life who might be struggling with some health issues. A library like this would be a great way to show how much you care.

Get even more info or take advantage of this truly amazing offer right now before it’s gone!

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