Poolside Pampering with a Hotel Day Pass

Thanks to DayAxe for sponsoring this post and giving me the opportunity to enjoy some great self care, poolside pampering!

Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey

I'm sure you've heard the term "self care" before. Perhaps during a particularly troubled time, someone has told you to "make sure you're taking care of yourself." So do you ever do anything when that happens? Maybe you get some much needed sleep, enjoy a pedicure or a nice meal, but I'm guessing that 9 times out of 10, you do none of the above. I want to help you achieve ALL of the above with the new luxury hotel day pass from DayAxe. (If you don't need to hear another thing, scroll to the bottom to grab a limited time special offer on the pass.)

When my friend and fellow blogger Luci and Luci's Morsels asked me if I'd like to join her to try out the DayAxe hotel pass, I first asked what it was. She didn't get past gym access, steam room, and pool time, before I said, oh yeah, I'm so in.  

With DayAxe you get access for the day (see what they did there) to a hotel of your choosing from their selected partner list. We're not talking Motel 6 here. The list in Los Angeles includes really nice, upscale hotels like the Fairmont, Intercontinental and the Ritz. Luci and I chose the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey because what could be better than pool time? Pool time that looks out onto even more water from the Marina!

Walking into the Ritz, we already felt like we were miles away from ordinary life with the soft and subtle decor and sweeping water views. We got our hotel passes on DayAxe and then showed them to the concierge at the Ritz. We received a full explanation on where everything was and received key cards so we could access the spa and pool.

Before even getting to the pool area, we were drawn to the marina views on the main floor. You can enjoy these views over a nice meal or drink at the Ritz 's upscale restaurant Cast & Plow. You may remember that I took my dad to Cast & Plow for a special father's day dinner. You can't beat that waterfront outdoor patio.

So while I had the opportunity to dine at Cast & Plow, I never had the privilege to enjoy the gym, spa or pool. I always assumed you needed to stay there to use the amenities, but not so with DayAxe.

DayAxe offers a little staycation for those of us living nearby, or anyone planning a trip to Southern California. Hotel locations run from Santa Monica to Beverly Hills, Palm Springs, La Jolla, San Diego and they're even going to be starting up in San Francisco. So they're covering California nicely.

After taking in the views, we headed downstairs to the spa area, got a locker and tucked our belongings away. We decided we'd start our day with a good workout so we could truly enjoy lounging the remainder of the day. The Ritz's gym has everything you want, except someone to workout for you, though I'm sure it could be arranged. Treadmills, ellipticals, free weights and the machines are even equipped with Netflix if you have an account. You can also play tennis on their lighted courts for an additional fee, which does include balls.

After getting a sweat on, we decided to get a less strenuous sweat going in the Eucalyptus steam room. The smell alone will have you feeling miles away from whatever it was that you thought you were stressed about before your arrived. After a shower, it was out to the pool for some relaxation.

You know all of those piles of magazines and books you have that go unread all the time? You bring them here and you open them. Then you remember that you like reading, and think that there's something to this self care business.

The Ritz Carlton does offer poolside lunch service for an additional fee from the pass. Luci and I doubled down on the garden fresh salad topped with grilled salmon. In case you thought we were being too virtuous as we did, we threw in some sweet potato fries and chips and guacamole. And you know what, this is definitely the time that you want to take a nap after lunch, though you may want to wake yourself up for a cocktail at sunset. You may also never want to leave.

Tasting Page self care

I loved packing a bag for a getaway that was only a few miles down the road. I really felt like I went on a trip. It was fun being somewhere new, where I could relax and be waited on. It was also great catching up with Luci and I can see more quality time in my future with friends and family poolside. I felt really rejuvenated after a day at the Ritz. DayAxe can have a big impact on overall health, but make only a small dent in your budget.

In fact, I'm going to make that dent even smaller, by giving you 20% off your first purchase at DayAxe. Just use code TPAGES before the end of April 2017, and you've scored an amazing deal, and an even better day.

So don't forget to tend to your self care needs. A little pampering can go a long way!

Tasting Page and Luci's Morsels

Thanks to DayAxe for sponsoring this post and turning me on to one of my new favorite self care rituals that I look forward to using again in the near future!

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