Autumn Harvest Dinner

Welcome to the virtual Autumn Harvest Dinner party. I've teamed up with great bloggers from all over the world including the Bay Area, Michigan, Idaho, British Columbia and as far away as India and France for this meal. We each have a special contribution for this dinner from place settings to appetizers all the way through dessert. Click on the titles to take you to each individual recipe and story. We hope you enjoy this special global meal wherever you are.

Autumn Harvest Dinner

Autumn Harvest Tablescape

Hi my name is Sandra Garth.  I design tablescapes as well as dessert buffets.  I've been a cake decorator for over 25 years and also enjoy styling parties.  I used warm autumn colors for this table that could easily last for the season. It's fancy enough for a holiday and casual enough for everyday. The napkins and stemware could easily be swapped out if you become bored with the setting. 

Hi all, my name is Laurie Barrie and I blog at Gluten Free Yummy about all things gluten-free. I was diagnosed gluten intolerant at the age of two, so consider yourself somewhat lucky, there was really nothing edible on the market for the past 40 years! I chose to create a dinner roll recipe because everyone used to ooh and ahh about my grandmother's rolls that I could never eat. I think she would have approved of my gluten and dairy-free Honey-Oat Rolls. 

Appetizer: Red kuri squash, hazelnut pesto and apple


I am delighted and excited and very happy to be part of this Autumn Harvest collaboration! My name is Sarah and I’m the French one here. I hope you enjoy my appetizer. I've also brought a red Kuri squash and carrot pie for this Autumn Harvest collaboration, so you can read more about me below.




Crispy Roasted Potatoes.JPG

My name is Cherie and I blog at Cheries Forget Me Nots. I have been blogging about a year and a half and am always learning new things as I go. I have a very restricted diet that I follow to help improve my health so I started blogging so that I could share my journey to good health and wellness. I have been diagnosed with celiac disease and also with multiple food allergies. This makes eating out very challenging so for me there is nothing better than a safely prepared home cooked meal. I usually end up having a salad when I am out as it is hard getting food that is not cross contaminated (but that is a blog by itself). In Autumn I find we start to cook comfort food again after a summer of light meals from the barbeque and garden. My contribution to this virtual dinner is gluten free stuffed pork roast and a side of crispy roasted potatoes. The stuffing is a blend of spinach, dates, apple, red onion and gluten free bacon. Who doesn’t love bacon? Welcome and I hope you enjoy!

kale, pear walnut salad

Here's my contribution to the Autumn Harvest Dinner Party. As most of you know, I have the good fortune of working out of sunny Los Angeles where we have access to a great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables all year round. I try and eat food that grows from the ground, instead of ingredients that come out of a box or off an assembly line. While fall in LA may not bringing much of a change of season, there is still a subtle shift as nights turn a little cooler and vegetables turn warmer to pumpkins and squash. I especially love when pears come into season. They’re so versatile. I like them in a morning smoothie, stuffed in a pie, or here I roasted them with just a little honey to round out a kale salad tossed with beautiful red walnuts. Enjoy during your Thanksgiving or fall celebration.

Spinach Kofta

My name is Jayashree and I am an enthusiastic food blogger and recipe builder at Ever Green Dishes. I also write articles, short stories and poems. I believe in living life to the fullest and am happily married. I live with my family in India. Spinach is one of the healthiest foods mentioned by the world health foods. It is rich in antioxidants and a store house of nutrients. It consists of Vitamin K, Vitamin A, manganese, iron and Vitamins B2 and B6. One needs to include it on a regular basis in their diet. I hope you enjoy my recipe for spinach kofta.

I am really excited to be a part of this Autumn Harvest collaboration. My name is Sandi and I blog over at Fearless Dining. My blog is all about gluten free recipes and safe dining. I started my blog because I was tired of getting sick when I dined out. Most doctors’ offices just don't give you much detail about how to live gluten free and I had no idea how dangerous cross contamination could be. I started to call around to Bay Area restaurants and asked lots of questions about how they handle gluten free orders. Within just a few months, I had built up a database of over 645 Bay Area restaurants' safe gluten handling procedures. I would love to connect via PinterestFacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

We really hope you have enjoyed our progressive dinner and hope you will join us again for another upcoming holiday meal and celebration.