Berry Mint Ice Cubes

Freeze your favorite fruit with some mint and water or lime juice for your own DIY berry mint ice cubes. They're the perfect companion to sparkling water, iced tea or even a festive cocktail.

It's always important to stay hydrated and drink tons of water, but plain water can get pretty boring, am I right? You can put an end to boring water with this recipe for berry mint ice cubes.

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Berries are one of my favorite fruits. They're low on the glycemic index so they won't spike your sugar levels.

Berries are also super colorful and full of great health benefits.

So popping one of these berry mint ice cubes not only makes your water look prettier, it also adds some nutrition. 

Part of this berry ice cube recipe stemmed from my overzealous berry buying at the farmer's market recently.

Lately the strawberries have been reinventing the color red.

I couldn't pass them up this week and then I saw one basket of lone blueberries left in a sea of red and had to grab them too.

No berry left behind.

Never wanting anything to go to waste, I started blending smoothies, making chia seed pudding to layer the fruit in and when I saw berries still left on the counter, I realized I needed a new idea - a longer lasting one.

Enter the berry ice cubes.

You can mix whatever fruit you like, but blueberries and strawberries are such a good match and they fit very nicely in the ice cube trays.

You may need to cut the strawberries in half.

I added a mint leaf to each and even included lime juice in some for extra tang.

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So many uses for these festive ice cubes.

Sure there's sparkling water, but what about lemonade and ice tea?

Better still, how about dropping those bad boys in with some vodka and soda?

The possibilities are endless.

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Summer or not, these berry mint ice cubes can be made with the fruit du jour and enjoyed all year long.

Strawberry Blueberry Mint Ice Cubes |

Berry Mint Ice Cubes

Makes 24 cubes


  • 48 blueberries

  • 24 - 30 strawberries

  • 24 small, fresh mint leaves

  • Optional: Lime juice


  1. Rinse all the fruit, removing the stems of the strawberries. Place 2 blueberries in each ice cube holder, followed by 1 mint leaf. Place a strawberry on top, cutting in half if necessary. Fill tray with water and/or lime juice. Freeze and enjoy with your favorite drink!

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