Cilantro Lemon Detox Juice {Paleo, Vegan}

If you're dragging and need a little pick me up, try this cilantro lemon detox juice. It contains only natural ingredients and is gluten free, dairy free, vegan, paleo and Whole30 compliant.

You don't see a lot of juicing recipes on Tasting Page. I tend to lean more smoothie than juice, but I have a reason today for sharing this cilantro lemon detox juice.

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Health Benefits of a Juice vs Smoothie

With smoothies, you get a lot of fiber, and with juice, you don't. Just like the name suggests, juicing only extracts the juice from a fruit or vegetable. It leaves the fiber behind. It also contributes to a lot of food waste, unless you want to make my carrot pulp cumin crackers.

Smoothies blend the whole spinach leaf or piece of celery, fiber strands and all. That fiber helps to keep your blood sugar level for more balanced, even-keeled energy.

People also often make the mistake of putting too much fruit in their juice which will really spike sugar levels, sending you on a rollercoaster ride you may not enjoy.

Cilantro green detox juice and the benefits of juicing |

How to Make a Healthy Juice 

When I do drink juice, I usually only use lemons or limes to sweeten things. This citrus won't spike your insulin like a pineapple or watermelon.

I also try and eat some fiber alongside my juice. I'll snack on some celery and sunbutter to keep my energy levels consistent.

This is the juicer I have (affiliate link). I like this one because it’s a slow juicer which means it doesn’t heat up the vegs, taking away any of the nutrients, but there’s many different models on the market.

So Why Juice At All?

You might say then, why not just always make a smoothie? Well 75% of the time I do.

Sometimes though, a good detox juice can give the body what it needs.

Juicing does allow you to absorb all the nutrients from vegetables. We often lose a lot of the health benefits of veggies due to cooking or a weak digestive system. You have a better shot at reaping all the veg rewards with juicing.

And if you're not someone who enjoys or comes close to eating 6-8 servings of fruit and vegetables per day, juicing is a great way to cram in a bunch. 

Cilantro lemon detox juice - give your body a quick shot of healthy ingredients |

Detox Juice Ingredients

So now you know that I turn to a good juice when my body needs a quick, efficient hit of a lot of nutrients. I made this cilantro lemon detox juice because one of those times many people need a quick boost is after some overindulging.

These are some of my favorite detox juice ingredients and their benefits:

  • Cilantro: good heavy metal detoxifier and brain booster

  • Lemon: full of Vitamin C, benefits digestion, and can boost liver function

  • Ginger: anti-inflammatory, settles the stomach, boosts immunity

  • Cucumber: high in antioxidants and nutrients, supports digestive tract, hydrating

  • Green apple: eases digestion, boosts liver function, natural detoxifier

Detox Juice Disclaimer

I'm not saying that you can eat processed junk food all week and then drink this cilantro lemon detox juice and you'll be the model of perfect health.

As always, I recommend eating a clean eating, balanced diet, but when parties or vacations throw you a little off track, then this detox juice will quickly fill your body with lots of nutrients to help your body get realigned.

Watch the juicing in action at the video at the top or side of the page.

Cilantro Lemon Detox Juice
{Paleo, Whole30, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free}

Makes about 40 ounces


  • 2 large bunches of fresh cilantro

  • 2" fresh ginger

  • 4 lemons, peeled

  • 2 large cucumbers

  • 1 granny smith green apples, cored, quartered


  1. Juice all of the ingredients in the order listed and enjoy. (See video above for a play by play).

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