Au Lac

If you're looking for a healthy restaurant option before a downtown performance at Disney Hall, Au Lac is serving plant based, vegan fare at their new location behind the Ahmanson Theatre.

Au Lac downtown Los Angeles

I've been taking in a lot of shows lately in downtown Los Angeles. We may not have all the choice of Broadway, but we do get some decent productions. I went to see Act of God at the Ahmanson a few weeks ago and when we showed up, we were told the show was canceled, due to, insert show title here. Sean Hayes, the star, got hurt, but the bonus was that we got free tickets to a show going on concurrently at the Taper, and we also got to come back and see Act of God a few weeks later. That also meant that I got to try two downtown LA restaurants. The first was Otium that I've already discussed, and the second is Au Lac, a plant-based restaurant with vegan dishes.

Au Lac Los Angeles

Au Lac started in Fountain Valley and has now expanded into a random little strip mall, directly behind the Ahmanson and the Taper, making it a very convenient stop before or after a theater performance. In fact, Au Lac has quite a bit of entertainment of its own. They have special nights with jazz, piano, cabaret and even an occasional tiki night. Yes, there's something for everyone, including vegans, as they serve all plant-based fare.

There are quite a few raw options like flax chips with macadamia nut cheese, stuffed mushrooms with thai basil pesto and nori sushi filled with vegetables like fresh coconut, cucumber, bell pepper and a tamari dipping sauce. It's an earthy, garden sushi roll.

You can also opt for dishes with some heat on them like garlic basil rice noodles with apple sage soy sausage, spiked with garlic and nutritional yeast for a cheese-like taste. It's hearty and filling and a good option for those who want something more substantial.

Au Lac egg rolls

If you want to throw caution to the wind since you're eating plant based, you can get egg rolls, with no egg actually in the roll. It has more veggies like mushrooms, carrots, jicama and almonds inside, with lettuce, mint and a dipping sauce.

Au Lac Los Angeles bar

And don't worry there are proper cocktails to wash it all down. You can enjoy a classic drink like a French 45, Mojito or Margarita, or choose from one of their organic French, Italian or local CA wines.

Au Lac downtown LA

From salads to rice bowls, jazz to tiki, Au Lac is covering its bases to entertain Angelenos. It's a nice stop before or after a Disney Hall, Ahmanson or Taper show.

Au Lac
710 West 1st St., Los Angeles