Bareburger Santa Monica

Bareburger Santa Monica's opening brings a healthy option to the burger restaurant category with a range of organic, grass-fed patties, including vegan and build-your-own choices.

Bareburger Santa Monica

I was sad when the Omelette Parlor on Main Street in Santa Monica closed, as was much of the neighborhood. It was an institution that always had a line out the door on weekends for brunch. Then I was even more sad when I heard a burger place was going to replace it. Do we really need another burger place? We certainly have our fair share of them in Los Angeles. After reviewing Bareburger's menu, I realized we may need one just like this.

Bareburger lands in LA after several successful branches on the east coast. The Main Street location is the first west coast outpost and seems like a natural place to branch out. The burger menu can be a little overwhelming, but in a good way, because there's so many great options. Luckily that choice starts with meats that are free-range, pasture raised, antibiotic, gluten and hormone free. It's sad that we're even in a place where we have to say all of these words, but alas here we are, and here are people who are trying to use better ingredients.

You can go the DIY route and build your own burger from one of the healthy patties that ranges from beef to bison, elk, wild boar, duck, or lemon chicken. There also some interesting vegan - gluten free options like sweet potato and wild rice or mushroom and lentil.  From there you can choose your own bun, which includes a collard green wrap or gluten free brioche that's also vegan. There's more veggies, sauces and spreads to add on top.

If that's all too much work, there are pre-assembled burgers with many fixins on them, and yes, more gluten free - vegan options like the Farmstead, using their sweet potato - wild rice patty layered with green hummus, tomatoes, baby kale, avocado basil dressing in a collard green wrap. It's a hearty wrap with lots of great fresh flavors as the name implies.

Bareburger condiments

There are still fries and onion rings for the taking, and even a dish with both. Crispy sprouts make a showing, along with many varieties of local greens in interesting salad combinations. You can also end your meal with an organic shake that could include bananas, peanut butter and caramel, or a combination of your own choosing.

Bareburger Santa Monica patio

Bareburger has something for everyone - the carnivore, the adventurous wild game foodie, and the healthy gluten free, vegan eater. They even have alcohol. So it's still a good spot with a nice, small patio out back to enjoy a Sunday brunch by the beach.

2732 Main St., Santa Monica