eLOVate Kitchen Vegan Cafe - CLOSED

Los Angeles is getting more and more worthwhile options for vegan and plant based eaters. There used to be so many faux-products out there where they paste together glue and grass, stick it in a bun and say look, it's a vegan burger. No glue in my food please. Now there's a great range of vegan restaurants in Los Angeles like Plant Food and Wine, the Springs, Le Comptoir, Gadarene Swine and Crossroads just to name a few. eLOVate is jumping into the mix as a casual indoor-outdoor spot to grab an organic-vegan bite, steps from the Santa Monica beach.

eLOVate is in the new, sprawling complex near Rand and one block south from the Santa Monica Pier. They're keeping good company next to the recently opened Joan's and Herringbone, just around the corner. They're offering a casual option for this well-manicured area. The chef is Roberto Martin, author of the New York best seller, Vegan Cooking for Carnivores.

eLOVate bar

There's a beautiful reclaimed wood bar where you can watch your smoothie or cocktail come together. Seating is inside and out, or you can just grab a homemade juice or prepared item and head down to the beach or park next door. 

eLOVate bar area

The food is all organic, and of course vegan, so you'll see menu items like ceviche nachos that replace some of the typical artery cloggers with ingredient like hearts of palm, artichoke and chipotle aioli.

eLOVate jackfruit tacos

Jackfruit tacos are a sweet treat all their own with shredded cabbage and guacamole. If you've never had jackfruit tacos, you should give them a try, but split them with someone as you may overdose from the guajillo sauce.

eLOVate maitake mushrooms

The matiake mushroom skewers are also slightly sweet, but balanced with an addicting chimichurri, chile slaw.

eLOVate chickpea patty

This slaw also comes with the Asian chickpea patty, which you need to get. Chickpeas come together with carrots and edamame and a nice kick of ginger for a crisp and very tasty vegan patty.

eLOVate black bean bowl

The bowls are also chock full of great grains and veggies and topped with more of that cilantro chimichurri that you're going to want.

eLOVate cocktail

eLOVate even serves real cocktails - no soju here. Some of the cocktails are part elixir so it makes you feel like you're kind of being healthy when you drink it like the Red Rain with beets, lemon, celery, cucumber, pineapple, ginger and vodka. The Constant Gardener has cucumber vodka, rhubarb liqueur, green grapes and muddled arugula. The best smoothie ever.

So whether you're just coming off the beach or wanting a relaxing and enjoy a healthy meal, perhaps with an adult cocktail, eLOVate is a good choice.

1705 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica