Enterprise Fish Co's Lobster Dinner

You might think it's lobster season from the amount of crustaceans appearing on menus all around town. Chaya Venice is offering half price lobster on Sunday nights with a $39.50 deal through Labor Day. Lobster rolls are also popping up everywhere from Connie and Ted's to Ayura Thai. The truth is, there really isn't a true lobster season as the crustaceans can be caught and eaten all year long. The summer and fall months tend to produce a high quantity of lobsters due to warmer water temperatures which make its easier for the fisherman to get a good catch, and there is also an increased summer demand because some people do equate red claws and tails with summer fun. That said, there's no need to make an apocalyptic run and eat them every day of the week, though with some of the seasonal specials, you may want to try.

I went with the whole lobster special that I've seen advertised at Enterprise Fish Company for years. Their deal is an approximate 2 pound lobster with 2 sides and their warm, delicious, crusty sourdough bread for $37.99 Monday - Thursday. You can still get this meal on the week-ends, but the price jumps to $57.55 during prime time. I was told the lobster is flown in fresh every day from Maine.


My friend had tried the lobster years before and he remembered it being a bit tough and overcooked, and that's always my fear when eating lobster out, not to mention the price tag.  With strict cooking instructions and a good deal in hand, we were delivered, 2 whole, well cooked, but not rubbery, lobsters cut down the middle.


Bibs tied, Sancerre at the ready, we dove in.  Most of the heavy lifting, or cutting, had been done for us, so our only dirty work was cracking and slurping claws, which did reveal nice, juicy meat with nearly every bite.  I also felt like I was in a little bit of a race to devour the crustacean before it got cold, but that wasn't a problem.


The tail had a hearty allotment of meat and was a perfect dunker for the warm drawn, butter sauce.


Grilled vegetables made a nice side, along with an all-American bowl of cole slaw.  It was a fairly decent amount of food, and the price was even more palatable.


It may not be quite as succulent as eating the real thing fresh off the docks on the east coast, but it's a lot cheaper than the flight from the west, so enjoy staying in LA this summer with one of the many lobster deals in town.


Enterprise Fish Company
174 Kinney St.
Santa Monica, CA