Fin Culver City Happy Hour

Fin Culver City

I had a recent craving for Roy Choi's Kogi Korean short rib tacos so a friend and I hit the Alibi Room early one Friday night, but found that we weren't the only ones in LA with the same craving. It was shoulder to shoulder of kogi loving locals, and my friend's shoulder and back were recently injured, so we searched for a close alternative where we could sit down. Nearly directly across the street from the Alibi Room was a restaurant we hadn't noticed before called Fin, so we ventured in and found 2 seats at the small bar and quickly adapted our plan.

Fin is a pleasant multi-room restaurant with a communal table in the middle, a several person full bar at the entrance and two areas in the front and back in which to dine more formally, though the vibe is very casual and easy going.  

We hit during Fin's happy hour (5-7pm) and decided to dig into the HH menu starting with the baked crab cut roll. I could have used a little more crab, but at $5 I suppose we still got our money's worth on the light, but well prepared soy paper roll. The extra dollar we paid for the larger amount of spicy tuna jalapeño on crispy rice was well worth it.

Chicken and beef skewer were both well cooked, moist and slightly sweet with chunks of peppers and onions between them ($5 and $7 respectively).

The pucker on the glazed green beans brought crunch, flavor and a nice Asian dusting of soy and sesame ($4).

Fin Culver City

While the happy hour menu was all enjoyable and price efficient, the best thing we ate was the jicama wrapped fish tacos off the regular menu. For the carb conscious and vegetable lovers, freshly cooked white fish is wrapped in jicama and piled high with Asian slaw. It was a nice mixture of crunchy, soft, warm and cold.

Fin jicama fish tacos

With nothing on the menu over $20, except for the filet mignon at $23, Fin offers a nice array of fresh Asian American cuisine at a good price in a relaxed, neighborhood setting. They also offer a seat when others in town might already be full, but next time, we'll make a reservation at stay for a full dinner.

FIN Culver City
12223 W. Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA