Handpick Smart Groceries

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Los Angeles food delivery

You busy? I'm not sure I know anyone who would answer that question with a no. Everyone is going a million miles an hour with work, life, health and trying to balance it all. I'm going to guess that sometimes you don't have the time and resources to pull together one of my healthy recipes. It's ok, sometimes I don't either. There's the research on picking just one tasty recipe, doing the grocery shopping and then cooking it all up. I feel your pain and want to tell you about Handpick Smart Groceries.

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Handpick is a meal kit delivery service, but they go beyond the basics and have some nice differentiators that set them apart from the competition. First off, they're bringing you a meal kit, meaning you're going to get all the major pieces to make a proper meal. Except it's not A meal, but rather THREE meals for TWO people. You're not stuck with the same thing all week. You get to mix it up.

CA meal kit delivery

I've seen some services that pack one peppercorn into a plastic container, but there's no food waste here. The ingredients for my tahini lemon salad dressing included a whole glass container of tahini, not a small portion in a cup with plastic wrap. I got an entire bag of quinoa to include in 2 of my recipes. The cauliflower also crossed over into 2 dishes. There's some mix and match so you use everything, but also get some great variety, without a bunch of leftover tiny containers.

Meal Kit Delivery

You can choose from meal kits that are put together for vegetarians, meat lovers, seafood lovers and also gluten free folks. I went with the gluten free kit and was not disappointed. I got 3 recipe cards with my box with detailed instructions on what ingredients to use and how to assemble the meal in a few easy steps. It was definitely easy, but I was afraid it was going to be too easy and too boring where I'd be eating something like plain chicken with a side of string beans.

Not boring at all. They had some great "of-the-moment" recipes that were exciting like chipotle chicken bowls with quinoa and kale, and a mashed cauliflower with tamari-glazed mushrooms. I've never put that together before, but am glad they thought of it because it was all delicious.

Nourish Bowl

The Nourish bowl was my lunch and included quinoa, cauliflower, kale, roasted red pepper and a delicious lemon-tahini dressing. I've been using that dressing on everything. I'm not sure I could have created anything better myself, even if I had the time.

California meal kit delivery

I know the next question. Sounds great, but how much? Here's the best part - the meals start at $6, instead of most of the others that begin at $10. Locked in for life? Nope. No commitment necessary. Yes, commitment-phobe friends, get a meal kit one week and then play it cool the next, until you realize how much you miss it and then call again.

California food delivery

Handpick is available in California with big plans to expand elsewhere soon, so if you're not in Cali, hang tight, they're coming for you.

This is a sponsored post by Handpick, but all opinions are always my own. Thanks for supporting the advertisers who support me!