Herringbone Happy Hour with Dollar Oysters

Herringbone's Oyster Happy Hour is a great way to enjoy fresh seafood at a reasonable price. Oysters are just $1 each, and there are also another dozen happy hour deals to be had.

There are many reasons to love summer, and I just found one more. Herringbone is now offering an extended happy hour, or oyster hour more specifically. At the Herringbone Santa Monica, you can get $1 west coast oysters for just $1 each. Yup, oysters for a buck. That indeed is a happy hour.

I reviewed Herringbone a while back when they first opened their Santa Monica location on Ocean Avenue. The chef Brian Malarkey, now has 5 Herringbone locations spanning from Hawaii to Vegas and La Jolla, and soon to be opening in Los Cabos, Mexico. I enjoyed the food, but thought the prices were a little steep.

Enter the Herringone happy hour, or oyster hour as they call it. It's every day from 3-7pm. You have to love a happy hour that doesn't discriminate on weekends, and also isn't over at 5pm.

My friend and I ordered a dozen oysters. Don't judge. It's not like you're ever stuffed from eating oysters. We didn't get a choice of oysters, but were thrilled with the salty, briny, flavorful taste of the west coast lot. There were 3 different dipping sauces: apple cider, kimchee mignonette and sambal cocktail sauce. I'm a classic mignonette kind of gal, but appreciated the options.

There's a few other not as healthy options on the happy hour food menu like lollipop wings, fries and cookies, all under $10. I went with the big bowl of braised mussels in a saffron tomato broth, made more savory by the addition of Spanish chorizo, also $10.

There are several cocktails priced under $10, as well as discounted beer and wine. You may find different happy hour selections online, in different locations and the day you finally show up.

Right now, Herringbone is also offering a reverse happy hour on Thursday nights after the pier concerts end. From 9pm to close, you can enjoy oyster hour.

If you're ready for some dollar oysters at Herringbone, be sure to check the times as the summer hours could change soon.

Herringbone Santa Monica (multiple locations)
1755 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica

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