I paid a second visit to Lukshon last week, and found it pretty similar to the first, which was over 2 years ago, so there's some consistency going on there.


The space is nice, light and airy, including a heated, covered, outdoor area with a fire pit.  Sang Yoon is the guy behind it, and actually next to it, with his popular burger and beer spot, Father's Office on the same block in the Helms Bakery complex.  If nothing else, you have to love the free parking in the lot across the street.  It may be the only one in LA.


The menu doesn't appear to have changed much.  There's still the spicy chicken pops, which feels a bit more like an elegant Buffalo wing, but with more meat and punch in the sauce.  I would trade in my blue cheese sauce for these at the next big game.


The crab fritters had a good kick as well, served with a Singapore style chili jam.  Maybe not the most picturesque plate, but what's not to like with something fried and crunchy.


When I started in on the Chinese mushrooms, my mouth was coated with a similar syrupy, sweet flavor from the previous dishes.  I do love Asian cuisine, but I wasn't finding a lot of differentiation.

In the same vein, they offer a very heavy selection of German Riesling, which is typically a good pairing for this cuisine, but it's nice to have a choice of a few others.  I will say that on my last visit, I don't remember any selections outside of Germany, so they have expanded a bit.

We did have a few cold dishes, including the Hawaiian butterfish which was served sashimi style with a pickled watermelon radish dressing.  I would have liked a little more acid here to brighten the fish because again, it tasted a bit one note.


The cabbage salad with prawns was fine, but I could have used some help getting the slightly overcooked crustacean out of its shell.


I don't think I'll be running back for a third visit anytime soon, but I won't turn down a Father's Office burger with sweet potato fries.  That's a consistent burger that's always enjoyable.

3239 Helms Avenue
Culver City, CA