Manhattan House Restaurant Manhattan Beach

Manhattan House Restaurant is a gastropub in Manhattan Beach, serving local, seasonal ingredients in a casual, neighborhood setting.

Manhattan House sits on Manhattan Beach Boulevard, up from the beach, almost at Sepulveda Boulevard. The spot has been a bit of a revolving door of restaurants, but my dad and I went to see if Manhattan House would be a keeper.

I was sold on going after reading about Manhattan House on their website. They source their ingredients locally, sustainably and are avoiding GMOs, as any good restaurant who wants to make a real go, is doing.

Manhattan House's menu is simple, but not predictable. "Bites" include citrus and garlic spiked olives, as well as some addicting nuts with chili and lime. The menu lists the vegan and gluten free options like these two.

I was especially fond of the "Garden" section of the menu with many salads from radicchio with honey dates to a local beet salad with pistachios and balsamic. I loved the large cutting board filled with roasted cauliflower, crispy buckwheat, pomegranate and maple tahini vinaigrette.

Cartology was another favorite for both my dad and me. Local carrots were prepared ten different ways. Yes ten. It was a play of textures and temperatures and several sauces to swirl the veggies through.

Mary's chicken made a showing on the "Farm" section of Manhattan House's menu. It was split and pressed with pickled red onion and a duo of fermented chili sauce. The presentation was a bit austere, but the chicken was moist and further enhanced by the spice of the tomato red Fresno and cilantro condiments.

I chose the yellowtail escabeche from the Sea. The fish was served with cauliflower, olives, tomato and chili. My dad and I both agreed it was the best main dish with a great range of flavors.

Of course, there's local beer and handmade cocktails to wash everything down. A stand alone bar makes this a perfect place to stop in for a drink and some seasonal fare. The vibe is casual and the prices are reasonable with most items under $20. That makes Manhattan House a nice restaurant for a weekday meal or dinner with a group.

Manhattan House
1019 Manhattan Beach Boulevard, Manhattan Beach