Preux and Proper

Preux and Proper is a lot of things. You walk in to the restaurant, and depending on the time of day, you might find a bouncer checking IDs. I don't usually have my ID checked before dinner, but let's be honest, I don't usually have my ID checked anymore period. The ground level of Preux and Proper has some tables with indoor and outdoor seating, a large TV playing sports, and a full bar, including frozen drink machines, but I'll get to that later.

If you have a dinner reservation as I did, and yes they do take reservations, you go upstairs where there's another bar, more indoor - outdoor seating, and a room with a few large screen TVs that were playing sports when I arrived. My friend and I sat at a high-top table in between the "TV room" and the small patio. There's about a dozen tables that line the perimeter of the odd shaped room that was once home to Angelique Cafe and The Parish. Towards the end of our meal, a DJ was setting up and the kids getting carded were rolling in, so plan accordingly.

Preux and Proper andouille corn dogs

Cocktail bar, sports bar, restaurant, club - it's all of these things. And then there's the menu. I might have thought given the set-up there would be nachos and wings. There wasn't exactly, but there were things like corn dogs, but corn dogs with andouille sausage, served with creole mustard, relish and browned, thick fries.

Preux and Proper Duck Confit Grits

And they didn't have shrimp and grits, but rather, confit duck and grits with the duck in patty form beside glazed cipollini onions.

Preux and Proper cauliflower

Crispy hot sauce chicken could tackle any wing cravings you were having. Or there's steaks, burgers and pork belly hash, but you'll also find some vegetable sides like charred cauliflower, sautéed long beans and sweet corn succotash. 

Preux and Proper daquiris

You picking up the New Orleans vibe yet? They bring it all home at the end of the meal when they bring a check and 2 small glasses for you to enjoy their Southern hospitality by picking your favorite daiquiri flavor for a lively after dinner drink on the house. 

Is Preux and Proper going to be the best meal you've ever eaten? I'd venture to say no, but it's a fun place to meet a group, slip in for happy hour, have some frozen drinks, and enjoy some different kinds of Southern leaning dishes. 

Preux and Proper
840 South Spring Street, Los Angeles

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