White Light White Night, Walk with Sally Benefit

I've been to some really fun white themed parties like last summer's Pop-Up Dinner in White. I've looked on with pale envy at my friends in Paris who have gone to the original Dîner en Blanc, decked out in their finest white attire, dining in unique locations each year like in front of Notre Dame and the Louvre. I even enjoyed a color swap to black this past winter for Los Angeles' Pop-Up Evening of Masquerade.

Then I was invited to Walk with Sally's White Light White Night. Some of the details were similar - wear white attire, eat some good food and hear some great music, except this time there was a noteworthy cause involved. This white affair was a fundraiser for the organization Walk with Sally, who provide mentoring support programs to children or siblings whose family members have cancer. This year's event raised over $400,000. Now that's an evening to remember.

White Light White Night

The founder of Walk with Sally, Nick Arquette, chose white as the theme for this 8 years and running event because he was told at an early age that white is a very healing color. His mom taught him to envision a white light shining through her while she was battling cancer. Nick even led everyone at the party through a short meditation using this technique. And judging by all the beautiful people decked out in white and having a great time, I'd say white is a very positive color.

White Light White Night

The event was held on the rooftop of the Plaza at Continental Park, just off Rosecrans and Lincoln, and all of the South Bay was there, dressed to impress.

White Light White Night

A who's who of South Bay restaurants were also in attendance, serving bites of signature dishes. There was something for everyone with seared ahi tostadas,  "life changing bacon wrapped shrimp," many a crostini topped with different cheese, fruits, prosciutto, caprese salads, pizza, sliders and dips. Oh my.

Brooke Williamson, who seems to be the woman of the hour with her new Playa Provisions had a light and lovely chilled yellow heirloom tomato soup and a robust duck rillette crostini.

Then there was dessert. The dessert displays were decadent and inviting and not just because Cake Bake Shop brought brown butter rice krispy treats, but they also brought Irish car bomb cupcakes. Oh yes they did.

The Torrance Bakery also spoiled with beautiful sweets in gorgeous wrapping, including a bountiful display of chocolate covered strawberries.

Torrance Bakery

Patron was in the house mixing tequila drinks that proved so popular that by the time I got there, all they had left were shots and MudSlides, so when in Rome, I jumped onboard a Mudslide. I was also a big fan of the Patron bottle flower centerpieces. I love classing up booze bottles with gorgeous flowers.

The beer and wine also moved quickly. It was a thirsty crowd, and I might add a beautiful one. Tanned, toned and energetic. The South Bay is home to an impressive bunch.

Those impressive people also bid on large lots of auction items ranging from top shelf wine collections to botox, animal communicators, exotic trips and more. The dollars raised are still being counted, but they seemed on track to meet or exceed last year's $200,000.

White Light White Night

And of course the beautiful people were well entertained all the evening with DJ spinning, drummers, child singer and dancers, and the headliner was Berlin. You remember Top Gun, Take My breath Away. Yup, that was Berlin and they still got it and played some big crowd pleasers.

It was a night of pretty people partying with a purpose and what can be more perfect than that.

White Light White Night


Disclaimer: I was a guest at White Light White Night, but all opinions are always my own.