Savoring Sorrento's Top Sites

Sorrento is a beautiful Italian Belle Epoque city perched on a cliff with water views around every corner. Here's your top 10 list of all the great things to savor while visiting Sorrento.

Sorrento is one of those fairy tale cities that you dream about when you think of quitting your job and moving to a small town in Italy. Of course you don't want that town to be too small, because you have to eat, and you want to eat good food. And you're going to want a lot of spots to take in sweeping water views, perhaps with a nice cocktail in hand. There should be a few things to do, but not so much that you feel like you should be out every second taking it all in. Sorrento is that perfect Italian town to relax, enjoy a nice meal and admire a picture perfect view. 

Here's your top 10 list of what to see in Sorrento, but don't stress if you don't hit all of them. Sorrento is all about slowing down and savoring the moment.

1. Villa Communale

Sorrento Beach clubs.jpg

Villa Communale is a great place to start your visit to Sorrento. The park and garden sit high atop Sorrento's cliff with views to the bay of Naples. Grab a park bench or seat in the outdoor cafe, and watch the water unfurl under you, and all the way across to Mount Vesuvius.

2. Piazza Tasso

Your next stop isn't far from Villa Communale, and it's Sorrento's main square of Piazza Tasso. Grab a coffee or drink at Fauna Bar and watch small city life. If you're hungry, there's several spots to take in a meal while doing some great people watching.

3. Cliffside Sunset Drink

There are some very nice Belle Epoque hotels set along the cliff above the water. If you aren't fortunate enough to be staying in one of these nice hotels, pay them a visit at sunset to enjoy the view with a cocktail. The Hotel Excelsior Vittoria is a great spot to get pampered and watch the sun go down. Drinks are served with a collection of snacks, making for a delicious, deluxe happy hour.

4. Dine at Il Buco

If you're up for some fine dining, splurge at Michelin starred Il Buco. The seasonal tasting menu puts you in the hands of the more than capable chef who will delight you with the local flavors and creative combinations. The wine pairing is another treat to indulge in to taste unique grapes, perfectly paired with the dishes. Start with a spritz for a fun tableside demonstration. 

5. Enjoy the local lemons

Lemons are local and abundant in Sorrento. You can even walk through a grove in the middle of town and grab some of your own. Easier still is to enjoy a limoncello at many of the cafes. You can watch it being made at I Giardini or buy it in one of the very colorful shops selling any version you can imagine - lemon soap perhaps? Or get your lemons in gelato form at Davide's.

6. Shop Artisanal Products

Via San Cesareo is a pedestrian only street with lots of Italian crafts like Sorrento's local inlaid wood boxes. You can find bigger, brand name shopping along Corso Italia. And if you're looking to take back any Italian snacks, sauces or drinks, pay a visit to the Corner Shop.

7. Marina Piccola

Marina Piccola is where you'll catch your ferry or hydrofoil to Naples, Capri or Ischia. You can also grab your own sail boat and putter around the bay. Easier still is to enjoy a meal on the water and watch the people come and go.

8. Marina Grande

Marina Grande is the marina to visit when you're up for a big climb. The pretty harbor hosts a handful of restaurants for more peaceful people and water watching. Enjoy some of the local seafood and produce with a glass of wine for an ideal day.

9. Sedile Dominova

Sedile Dominova was built in the 16th Century as a meeting place for the town council. The beautiful open loggia still acts as a meeting place, mostly for men playing cards. It looks like a scene right out of the movies.

10. Day at a Beach Club

If you've done any of the above, you'll have admired many beach clubs on the water, at the bottom of the cliff. You can spend the day at one of them with chair and umbrella rentals. Many also serve food and drinks in case you're not ready to climb back home.

There are some great day trips to add on to your stay in Sorrento. Stay tuned for more!

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