Let's Work Together

I want to help everyone live their most energetic, passionate, and purpose-filled life. As a Certified Transformation Health Coach with a background in nutrition, yoga, and meditation, I believe it takes a combination of healing practices to get people feeling their best. You can read more about my story here. All the kale in the world can't dig you out of a deep depression, though it ain't a bad place to start! Here are a few ways we can work together.

Individual Coaching & Programs

Kelly Page Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

Go deep with me in personal one-on-one coaching sessions. We can explore diet and lifestyle, as well as the behavior and thoughts that are blocking you from living your best life. I have experience with healing gut, digestion and hormonal issues, as well as removing mental obstacles to free you to kick butt in all that you do. Click to email and schedule a free 20 minute discovery session. 

IGNITE transformational program

IGNITE Program

Ignite your energy, passion, and purpose with this transformational mind, body, spirit program. Work one-on-one with me to Ignite your best life. I also offer this program in a group setting once a year. Click to read more about the program, and then schedule a free 20 minute discovery session to see if you're a good fit for the program.

Corporate Brand Work

I love working with health and wellness brands that are also on a mission to help people live better lives. Two voices are stronger than one. Let's collaborate to bring healthier living to everyone, everywhere. You can read more about some of the brands I've worked with here. I've also written for many publications and have had the honor of being featured in many publications as well.

Tasting Page recipe development

Recipe Development

If you have a healthy, clean eating food brand, I'd love to work with you on developing recipe(s) highlighting your product(s). I can create a recipe for my site and share it with my audience across my social media and in my weekly newsletter. See some of my work here

Kelly Page ambassador for health brands

Ambassador & Speaker

I love collaborating with health and wellness brands that align with my mission to spread the word on healthy living. Working with a company on a longer term basis allows me to represent the brand in all of the work that I do. I'm available for travel, lifestyle, and recipe posts, as well as speaking engagements, podcasts, and consulting.