Butcher's Daughter Abbot Kinney Venice

Whether dining with a group or solo, Butcher's Daughter on Abbot Kinney in Venice is a pretty spot to stop in for any meal of the day with vegan and gluten free options. 

Butcher's Daughter Abbot Kinney Venice

The healthy new restaurants on Abbot Kinney in Venice keep coming. I just spoke about Greenleaf Chopshop, and before that was vegan Plant Food and Wine, and you might even include Fala Bar in the healthy restaurant conversation with their organic vegan falafel, that happens to also be uber-fried. So the opening of Butcher's Daughter puts it in good company of healthy new restaurants on Abbot Kinney in Venice.

Butcher's Daughter calls itself "a juice bar, cafe and vegetable slaughter house." That means you won't see meat on the menu, but you will see the treatment of fruits and vegetables chopped and prepared like you might a red meat protein. You don't even need to ask if they're working with local farms on their produce. That's a given. You can go on their website to learn about the specific farms and ingredients being utilized.

Butcher's Daughter Venice

Breakfast is as busy as lunch and dinner at Butcher's Daughter. The bakery pumps out homemade vegan and gluten free scones, muffins and breads. You can use that bread for avocado toast, AB&J (almond butter, banana, honey and sliced grapes) or even french toast. There's pancakes, cauliflower grits, coconut yogurt and even egg sandwiches that do include real eggs. They're not totally vegan as you will find eggs, some cheese and honey on the menu.

Butcher's Daughter dining room

There's a collection of salads like spicy kale caesar, cobb (with adzuki bacon) and of course a seasonal vegetable quinoa. Pizzas can be made with vegan mozarella and topped with ingredients like artichokes and olive, mushrooms or fennel sausage.

Butcher's Daughter patio

You can take food to-go. You don't even need to come inside with their carry away coffee counter out front. But seeing as the inside looks like your favorite Anthropologie home section, grab a seat at the light, bright bar or on the comfy, covered patio and do some good people watching. 

Butcher's Daughter crab cakes

The dinner menu includes extras not on the other menus like jumbo lump "crab" cake which includes no crab, but does have a sweet mix of quinoa and sweet potato, layered with fennel cucumber slaw and harissa tartar. Two generous cakes make up the half order at $14 and makes for a nice starter.

Butcher's Daughter lasagna

If you want some real-life cheese and carbs, go for the summer squash lasagna that's stacked high with mushrooms, cabbage, ricotta, mozzarella and a healthy does of rosemary.

Butcher's Daughter cauliflower

The chili cauliflower makes for a nice side with crunch sweet spice on a bed of dressed greens.

Butcher's Daughter artichokes

Even better is the smoky grilled artichoke bathed in a sun dried tomato pesto with crispy shallots and almond parmesan.

Butcher's Daughter wine

They are not serving cocktails yet - only soju based drinks, but there's beer, sake and wine to tide you over. The Reuilly Les Poete is a nice French Sauvignon blanc that will pair nicely with many of the meatless dishes.

Butcher's Daughter group dining

Whether dining with a group or solo, Butcher's Daughter on Abbot Kinney in Venice is a pretty spot to stop in for any meal of the day. 

Butcher's Daughter
1205 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Venice