Dudley Market Brunch - CLOSED

Not only does Dudley Market in Venice serve excellent lunch and dinner, but they also have a fabulous brunch that will beat anything else in this tourist-heavy beach area.

Dudley Market Venice weekend brunch

Brunch. It doesn't usually work for me. The late morning/early afternoon time seems to prevent me from doing anything worthwhile in either the am or pm. I'm usually rushing to get a workout in before and then if there's cocktails involved, there goes the day. Of course spending the day with good food and drink can make for a great Sunday, and I do like it for catching up with friends, so I do see the merits. Seeing as it was just Father's Day, a beachside brunch seemed to be a good call, and Dudley Market fit the bill.

Dudley Market Venice brunch

I took my visiting friends from Paris to Dudley Market for dinner when it opened last year, and we were all quite impressed. Not long after, Dudley Market started serving brunch, and I put it on the list of, if I ever do have brunch, this is where I'd want to go, list. 

Evidently I haven't been to brunch in a while since it took several months and father's day to get me to check Dudley Market on a recent Sunday morning. 

Dudley Market Venice restaurant

I love the homey feel of the interior - exposed brick, high ceilings, big windows on two walls and fresh white walls makes me feel like I'm eating at a friend's house. 

Dudley Market avocado toast

The brunch menu has some really unique items on it that let's you play in both breakfast and lunch land. My dad is newer to the avocado toast thing so he went for the crisp, warm bread piled high with big chunks of avocado mixed with fromage blanc and salsa verde.

Dudley Market mousse

My French roots called me to the decadent chicken liver mousse, served with a sunny side up duck egg.

Dudley Market hash

The menu, which is served 9am - 3pm runs the gamut from salads to omelettes, sandwiches and even a spicy Calypsso hash that my dad thoroughly enjoyed with beans, potatoes and onions mixed into a messy, but tasty melange.

Dudley Market crab salad

I was happy with the large amount of crab in my healthy salad with gem lettuces, peaches, pistachio and a honey vinaigrette.

Dudley Market crab sandwich

You can also get the crab salad in BLT form with bacon, avocado, sprouts and green goddess aioli.

There's also a great wine list to get your boozy lunch or brunch on. 

Dudley Market brunch

Dudley Market is on a random tiny little slip of a street right off the Venice boardwalk, not far from Rose Avenue, and they're serving some of the best food in this tourist-heavy area. Start your Sunday here and then you might as well make a day of it and stroll down to the Waterfront to enjoy some beer in the beer garden while watching the sunset. That actually sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday.

Dudley Market
9 Dudley Ave, Venice