How Not to Get Over a Sucky Day and Bad Mood

Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Here's how not to get over a sucky day and bad mood. This is how I embrace a bad day. 

I woke up yesterday in a “mood.” The moment I opened my eyes, things felt off. I had a headache. My energy was low. I had an overall sense of blah. Anyone else ever wake up like this?

How and why to embrace a bad day | #mentalhealth #selfcare #attitude #selfhelp #badday #mindset

Rooting out the Bad Mood

I immediately went through a checklist to determine the cause of my bad mood.

  • Am I reacting to any bad news from the week? No, I really hadn’t received any troubling information recently.

  • Did I eat something that my body might be rejecting? Nope, I had been consuming my normal healthy fare – nothing new.

  • Is my body tired from a new workout? Actually, my body didn’t feel sore, but I just didn’t have much energy.

  • Did I drink enough water this week? I was a water-drinking champ every day.


I tried to rationalize my way out of my bad mood. There’s no reason to be in a bad mood. Nothing bad has happened. I’ve been eating well, drinking water, and getting good sleep.

I reviewed my article on 5 ways to quickly get unstuck. It didn’t feel applicable because I didn’t feel stuck. I just felt down.

Like an adult with responsibilities, I picked up my dragging butt and started my daily routine. I tried to practice what I preach like in my 5 things to do every day to be happy article by moving, nourishing, and connecting. Everything just felt like I was phoning it in. My mind wasn’t into it and my heart wasn’t even in the building.


So I pushed. I pushed my way into thinking I was not going to have a sucky day. I pushed myself to believe there was no reason at all for my bad mood. I pushed myself into going through my day as usual and hoping the mood would fall in step. But it didn’t.

The work I was trying to do was uninspiring. I was reading the same lines five times and it still wasn’t sticking. The more I pushed, the suckier my day and mood got.

Getting Mad

Then I got mad at myself. “Snap out of it! There’s nothing wrong. Get with the program. I have work to do.”

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey | #mentalhealth #selfcare #attitude #perspective

Ever had that moment? Ever talk to yourself like that? I highly recommend avoiding that talk for you, or anyone you know. No one wants to feel sucky, and yelling at them or yourself definitely doesn’t help.

It was around 3 pm when I had the above talk with myself. And it was at 3:01 that I finally decided to change course on my bad mood.

Changing Course for a Better Day

Hopefully, you can make this realization before 3 pm on your sucky day. Regardless of when you “come to,” there are some better ways of coping with a bad mood.

If you’ve already gone through the checklist to get unstuck and reviewed the practices for a happy and productive day, I’d recommend one other, very important tactic: learn to embrace a bad day.

Embracing Your Sucky Day

Yes embracing my sucky day was the last thing I wanted to do. I did everything but embrace it for more than 8 hours. I denied it, rationalized it, got angry at it, but embrace it, no thank you.

How Not to Get Over a Sucky Day and Bad Mood  | #mentalhealth #selfcare #attitude #selfhelp #badday #mindset #badmood

What you resist persists, so I finally decided to embrace my bad day.

I stopped trying to perform at superstar level when my energy didn’t match.

I stopped trying to feel something I wasn’t.

I stopped beating myself up that I wasn’t on my game.

Instead, I started feeling into the suck. I felt into the low energy. I felt into the disappointment. I identified where these emotions were lodged in my body. Then I took several long inhales and sent my exhales to these tight locations to loosen up.

Acknowledging these feelings made them lose their hold on me. I released the angst and discrepancy of how I was feeling versus how I wanted to feel. When I let go of needing things to look a certain way, I became much more relaxed.  

I stepped away from my computer and work. Let’s face it, the work I was turning out wasn’t that good anyway. It was also feeding my frustration.

I opened an uplifting book. I watched some bad TV. I gave myself permission to relax, unplug, and feel.

My day ended with a teary meditation that left me feeling spent, but peaceful.

I slept hard. In the morning, my eyes popped open before my alarm. I woke up renewed. I felt invigorated. I was happy I had given myself some time to be exactly where I was. Embracing my bad mood was the only thing that helped break it up. Hours later it was over and then I was ready for a kick-ass day.

How do you get over a sucky day?

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