The Healthy Food, Wine and Travel Gift Giving Guide

Here's a great gift guide for the healthy food and wine lovers in your life, along with unique travel and wellness items. Holidays or birthdays, this mindful gift guide has something for everyone.

Healthy food, wine and travel gift guide - grab a holiday, birthday or anniversary gift for the foodie, traveler, wine or wellness warrior in your life | #giftguide #holidays #gifts #foodgifts #healthgifts #health #wellness

Whether you're buying Christmas gifts or birthday or graduation presents, here's a gift giving guide for the food, wine, travel and wellness warriors in your life.

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Food Lover Gifts

Pressure Cooker

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen so I'm always looking for products that make cooking easier and don't just take up space on the counter for once a year use. My InstantPot has become a favorite in the one short year I've had it. My recipes for chili lime chicken thighs and coconut curry sea bass were super simple using this device. Roasts, steamed vegetables, and stock are huge time-savers with the InstantPot.


I also don't go more than a few days without using my Vitamix. My cauliflower soup is velvety smooth after a spin in here. Some people love the Blendtec just as much for the same powerful blending action.

I usually make a 3 day batch of smoothies in my Vitamix, and then store them in glass mason jars. Each morning I pull a smoothie jar out, add some collagen protein for great-looking skin, and a little Brain Octane Oil for brain clarity, and blend in my smaller NutriBullet. My morning is set. The NutriBullet is good for pesto, dressing, and quick chops. An added bonus is that the cup is dishwasher safe.

Healthy Cookware

As far as cooking goes, I make sure to use environmentally-friendly pans. No use buying organic ingredients and cooking healthy recipes if you're just going to cook them in a pan that gives off chemicals. I've been really happy with Xtrema Cookware. Their cookware is ceramic and great for high temperatures with no issues with toxins getting into your food.

Le Creuset Dishes

Then there's Le Creuset. Their pots and pans don't have any leaching problems, and they're simply gorgeous. I bought my first one (a big red Dutch Oven) while living in Paris. It served as my oven, since I didn't have one! I love it to this day.

Baking Mat

When roasting vegetables, my baking sheets are never without a Silpat. Clean up is super easy, and it also saves the finish on the pans. These roll up nicely, making for great stocking stuffers.

Healthy Food Delivery

For the gift that keeps on giving, try a healthy food delivery service.

If time is elusive and you can’t find yourself making, or even buying, your own healthy snacks like all my snack faves in this post, then the next best thing is having them delivered to you! NatureBox sends you the treats you’re looking for, without leaving your house. You can choose from paleo, gluten free, sugar free, vegan, or none of the above for your snack delivery. Use this link to get an extra 30% off your first 3 purchases with code THIRTY3 at checkout (max $15 value per purchase)

Graze is nice because they deliver healthier snacks filled with protein. So all those times you go to reach for fried chips, you can graze a little bit better and with less guilt. Use this link and your first box of snacks is free. You can get their new protein pack or choose sharing bags, nuts * seeds, savory, or sweet combinations.

Caviar – if you’re looking for more help than just healthy snacks, then Caviar could make a nice gift for a loved one. Since you probably can’t do your spouse’s or friend’s job, food delivery can be a great gift since we could all use the gift of time. Caviar delivers from local restaurants. Your first delivery is free with this link.

Healthy Mind Body Gifts

One-on-one Health Coaching

Are you or someone in your life struggling with your health or diet? Could you use some personal coaching to help get you back on track with an eating plan that works for you? With all of the information on diets and food, it can be difficult to know what’s the real truth and what would make you feel better.

As a Certified Transformational Health Coach, I help people feel better in their bodies. We’ll talk diet, mindset, and movement to get you feeling balanced and energetic so you can kick butt at life.

We can meet via skype or phone from wherever you live. Take the first step by scheduling a free 20-minute discovery call to discuss the program and your needs. Read more here.

Fitness Classes

Class Pass – do you find the gym uninspiring and get bored doing the same class all the time like I do? I have exercise ADD. I love a range of different classes and teachers to keep my workout and me fresh and inspired. That’s why I love Classpass. I pay one monthly fee and get to choose from hundreds of unique classes at different studios near me. Yoga and barre class are my staples, but I’ve also tried some fun dance classes and a trampoline sculpt class. Jumping on a trampoline is my version of a good exercise time. Classpass is running an offer now for $40 off your first purchase with this link here. It’s a great gift for you or a loved one!

yoga classes

Yoga International – if you’re not in a city where ClassPass operates, and if jumping on a trampoline in the middle of a bunch of strangers sounds appalling, then you might want to check out Yoga International. You can choose from 1000 yoga classes, all from the privacy of your own home. They also have 3,500 articles and 500+ teachers offering up information to deepen your yoga or meditation practice. Yoga International is a great resource for mindful living. You can try it free for 14 days right here.



Bring a little quiet and calm to you, and everyone around you, with a regular meditation practice. For many people sitting and quieting the mind is a very difficult task. (You can check out some of my meditation tips here). Meditation apps can be helpful with starting a practice, as well as keeping one going. There are programs to help you start as well as guided meditations and teachings to keep you going. Most apps have a free trial and then you can buy monthly subscriptions from there. The bigger meditation apps include Headspace, Calm, and the Insight Timer. The Insight Timer is my go-to app, and it has many great features for free.

Give the Gift of Giving

Make a Donation

Perhaps you'd like to give a gift to someone in need. Chef Jose Andres has played a huge role in helping to serve meals to people in need. He’s served over one million meals in Puerto Rico, and his organization has been helping the people affected by the California wildfires. If you'd like to donate to his worthwhile organization, you can read more here, World Central Kitchen.

Image via World Central Kitchen

Image via World Central Kitchen

Wine Lover Gifts

wine gifts

Organic, Natural Wine

I've definitely cut back on my drinking since I've become a nutrition coach, but I have not eliminated it. It just tastes so good with food, and everything in moderation, right? When I do drink, I try and watch the sugar and additives that get added, just like food. Dry Farm Wines is a really good company that works with vintners who only use traditional, organic, and natural winemaking methods. The wines are organic, additive free and sugar-free, which is a super win-win-win.

Amanda Thomson, founder of Thomson & Scott, also wanted to watch what people were putting in their drinks so she created vegan sparkling wines with reduced sugar. The Skinny Prosecco is 100% organic with less than 7 grams of sugar per liter - that’s nearly half the amount of sugar of traditional Prosecco. The Thomson & Scott Skinny Champagne has less than .1 grams of sugar per liter, and a rose sparkler keeps the sugar below 6 grams per liter. Now that’s cause for celebration!

Sulfite Reducer Drops

If you already have a huge collection of wine, like me, then you might want to try Just The Wine. These are drops that reduce the sulfites in your wine. Just three drops can reduce the sulfites up up to 80% or more. Try it in your red wine, white wine, or even champagne. 

Coravin Wine Opener and Sealer

There's also another way to stay healthier when it comes to drinking - drink less! I know it's not always easy - for many reasons - including the one where you spent a lot of money, and don't want the wine to go bad after opening the bottle. Instead of needing to finish the entire bottle, you can use Coravin. It has a thin needle that pierces the cork to allow wine out, while keeping oxygen in. It can keep your wine tasting good for weeks, months or even years after you open it.

Custom Glasses and Carafes

The travelers in your family are going to love the glassware from UncommonGreen. There are maps from many different locations etched on wine glasses, tumblers, and I love this carafe with Paris featured on it. You can use it to decant wine, or fill it with your favorite juice or smoothie - another win-win.

Copper cups gifts

I’m also loving these copper cups for drinks, beer, or cocktails from Cork Pops. They’re made of stainless steel, but it has the liquid filled walls that you can freeze to keep your drink cool, without watering it down. Win-win with the functionality, as well as the look.

Cork Pops also has some other nice drink gadgets. They have lots of cool wine pourers that make it really hard to lose any precious vino in the pouring.

Alcohol Delivery Service

If you have a friend or family member in college or just out, and legal drinking age of course, then Drizzly makes a great gift. You can have alcohol delivered fast for game day, parties, or a relaxing night in. Perfect for cold-weather nights when you don't feel like leaving the house.

Travel Lover Gifts

AirBnB Gift Certificate

Travel gift in cuba

Airbnb is my new favorite way to travel. It feels like a more authentic experience in the city I'm visiting. I used Airbnb while I was in Cuba and loved it. The owners offered to cook for us, they helped us to get around, and were there as little or as much as we wanted. If you've never tried Airbnb, click here, and you'll get $40 in travel credit when you sign up. Travel is always a great gift!

Chemical Free Candles

And if you're staying in an Airbnb or a hotel, I think travel candles always make a great item to include in your bag. They rid the air of any unwanted smells and create a nice, cozy atmosphere. Be sure to look for eco-friendly soy or beeswax candles. You don’t want to add toxins to the air while you’re tryin to include a nice scent. I liked the pretty containers on these and they come in 4 different fragrances. Available on Amazon.

Travel Scarf/Towel/Blanket

You won't find me on a plane without a pashmina or scarf, but then I found these pretty, all-purpose travel pieces from Case + Drift. You can wrap it around you like a scarf, but it also doubles as a towel or a blanket. They're 100% Turkish cotton and they have a variety of pretty colors.

Priority Pass Lounge Access


We all know how challenging travel can be and airport delays don't help. Priority Pass is a cool program that allows you access to over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide, no matter what airline you're flying. I even have a discount for 10% off Priority Pass!

Flight, Hotel, and Rental Car Deals

How much would you love to open a certificate for free travel? That’s one of my favorite gifts.

When I travel, I like to use Skyscanner to check prices. I also set alerts for a trip so I can see if the price drops. Travelocity is also good for finding hotel and flight deals. is one of my go-to’s for locking in a great rate on accommodations.

Digital Camera

I felt a little guilty buying a new point and shoot camera this year. My guilt stemmed from the fact that I thought I should be lugging around my fancy DSLR camera to get the best shot. After carting my big camera all around Cuba this year, I decided I needed something lighter, but I didn't want to sacrifice quality. I went with the Lumix DMC-ZS100. It's got many of the same features as a DSLR with a fabulous Leica lens and 4K video, but it fits in your pocket and takes amazing photos. All my travel pics from this year were taken with the Lumix.

I hope you have some great ideas now for a loved one, or even yourself, to enjoy a holiday, birthday or anniversary!

Healthy food, wine and travel gift guide - grab a holiday, birthday or anniversary gift for the foodie, traveler, wine or wellness warrior in your life | #giftguide #holidays #gifts #foodgifts #healthgifts #health #wellness

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