15 Holiday Party Appetizers

Christmas, New Year's, Kwanza, Winter Solstice - so many parties, so much finger food. Can't stand to put one more layer on that Mexican dip? Here are a few ideas to spruce up the appetizer table at your next holiday party.

15 Holiday Appetizers

15 Holiday Party Appetizers

Guacamole Deconstructed and Skewered: guacamole: been there, done that. How about all the great guac taste in one easy to eat skewer.

Gougères: what's not to like with a light, fluffy puff of cheese? Make them bite size so you can pop them with ease.

Zesty Avocado-Lime Deviled Eggs: your aunt has been doing it for decades with cool whip and mayonnaise. You won't need them for this more natural, zesty avocado-lime iteration.

Marinated Feta: add your favorite spices to feta to make a pretty display to pair with salty olives.

Kale Chorizo Spread: Combine the two strong flavors of kale and chorizo for this unique and bold spread.

Salmon Mousse: salmon can class up any party, and it only takes a few simple steps to get these on the table.

Baked brie with dried apricots and figs

Baked Brie with dried apricots and figs: It's not a party without some warm cheese. Add some dried apricots and figs for an even heartier and more festive spread.

Escargot stuffed mushrooms: Want to really impress your guests? Stuff some mushrooms with warm garlic laded escargot and people will be vying for the bread to mop up the juices.

Avocado Crostini with Salsa: toast small crostini and layer it with crushed avocado, goat cheese and salsa for a Mexican inspired bite.

Seaweed pesto: bring some excitement to your dipping section with this seaweed pesto, packed full of nutrients and flavor.

Mushroom Pate: Delight your Francophile friends (like me) with an earthy mushroom pate.

Fig Almond Flour Crackers: need a gluten free break from all the bread, try these healthier crackers using almond flour.

Marinated Vegetables: Always good to have a vegetable or 2 on offer and these are so much better than simple, raw sticks on a sad platter.

Fresh Fruit Lychee Martini: anyone thirsty yet? This light, fruit martini will quench your thirst and has no refined sugar so it goes down real easily.

Hatch Chili Ice Cubes: You can spruce up any drink with these easy to make hatch chili ice cubes. Throw it in lemonade or add it to vodka and soda for a nice kick.

Happy eating and drinking at your upcoming holiday celebrations!