Garlic Mint Chimichurri Sauce {Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free}

This garlic mint chimichurri is a versatile sauce for healthy cooking. Use it to marinate meat, chicken, fish, or vegetables, and you can also use it as a dipping sauce.

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Garlic Mint Chimichurri, a versatile sauce for healthy cooking. Use it to marinade or top your favorite protein or vegetables | #chimichurri #sauce #healthyrecipe #paleo #vegan #glutenfree #dairyfree

I love garlic. Luckily garlic is super good for you. It may not be great for your dating life, but it does pack a healthy punch for your body. It's also one of the key ingredients in this garlic mint chimichurri sauce.

If you hate cutting the little bulbs and getting garlic fingers, then you're going to love what Kyolic® has done with their liquid aged garlic extract.

Kyolic™ is a brand that's been around for nearly 50 years. They're smart people who have figured out how to take the best part of the garlic and serve it up without the pungent odor. This is very good news for your dating life or partner.

Kyolic liquid garlic extract

Kyolic's Liquid Aged Garlic Extract™ starts with 100% organically grown garlic bulbs - you know, the good stuff. Then the bulbs are aged, and this is where the magic happens.

During the aging process, which can take up to 20 months, a whole slew of helpful antioxidants are created which actually help you with the whole anti-aging process.

This aged garlic also helps support your cardiovascular system, boosts your immune health, and even assists the liver with waste removal by producing glutathione, a great detoxifier for your body.

Garlic mint chimichurri.jpg

On top of all of those amazing health benefits, Kyolic® has put their aged garlic extract into liquid form, though you can also get it by capsule. So there's no need to chop, or smell, any raw garlic. We're talking odorless garlic here.

And that all means that this garlic mint chimichurri comes together very quickly, and keeps your hands, and breath, odor-free.

fresh mint and parsley

I threw the liquid garlic right in with a collection of my favorite fresh herbs - mint and parsley. Add a little oil and vinegar and you got yourself an easy and healthy sauce.

You can use the chimichurri to marinade chicken, steak, fish, or vegetables. And you can also use it as a topping for any of the above as well.

Use it in place of pesto or gremolata like in my lemon chicken recipe.

Serve the mint chimichurri with grilled veggie skewers for a great vegan, summer dish.

Or top some roasted cod with this zesty sauce.

There are many ways to use this garlic mint chimichurri sauce, so enjoy it all season long!

Garlic Mint Chimichurri, a versatile sauce for healthy cooking. Use it to marinade or top steak, chicken, fish or vegetables | #chimichurri #sauce #healthyrecipe #paleo #vegan #glutenfree #dairyfree

Garlic Mint Chimichurri {Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free}

Makes About 1/2 cup


  • Packed 1/2 cup of fresh mint
  • Packed 1/2 cup of fresh parsley
  • 1/2 teaspoon liquid Kyolic aged garlic extract
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 1/3 cup avocado or olive oil 
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Place the mint, parsley, liquid garlic extract, apple cider vinegar, and red pepper flakes in a food processor and blend. Slowly drizzle in the olive oil until desired consistency is reached. Season with salt and pepper.
  2. Use the chimichurri as a marinade and/or topping to your favorite protein or vegetables.

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