Cranberry Lime Sparkler

I'm hooking you up with a really easy, holiday cranberry lime sparkler recipe that you'll thank me for later. Thanks to Dasani for sponsoring this refreshing post.

Cranberry Lime Sparkler |

Ah, the holidays are upon us, around us, and sometimes submerging us. If you're entertaining, it can be a little overwhelming. There's the food to think about (let me help you with these 15 holiday party apps), some sort of jolly decor to pull together so you don't look like a grinch, and then having something to drink would also be a good idea.

I feel like drinks come at the end of the party priorities list. Sure, opening up a bottle of wine (some of my favs here) or champagne is doable, but it's the holidays, so why not create something more festive. This cranberry lime sparkler is not only festive, but super easy to pull together while making it look like you put in some serious effort.

What makes this drink even easier is the addition of DASANI sparkling lime water. DASANI has a new collection of tasty sparkling waters that are all zero calories, caffeine free and naturally flavored with no added colors.

They have a range of great flavors at Walmart like lemon, lime, berry and black cherry. You could really just empty a few cans into an ice-filled pitcher with some fresh fruit and look like a rock star. If you go one step further though, and pour in some cranberry juice, well then you have a red drink, and you have just entered the holiday fun zone.

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Now that you're in the holiday fun zone, get a little crazy and throw some fresh cranberries and lime wedges in a pitcher or glass. You're truly festive now.

If you want to turn things up a notch, you can add vodka or gin to your cranberry lime sparkler, or keep it clean for your early morning brunch to stay sharp all day.

Cranberry Lime Sparkling Drink |

A toast to all for a happy, healthy, stress-free holiday!

Cranberry Lime Sparkler


  • 1 can DASANI lime sparkling water

  • Cranberry juice

  • Fresh cranberries

  • Lime slices

  • Optional: Vodka or gin for an adult cocktail


  1. Fill a glass with ice and pour in 1 part cranberry juice to 2 parts sparkling water. Play with the juice to water proportions to suit your taste. Give it a stir and top with cranberries and lime (and 2 ounces of alcohol if using). Enjoy!

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Cranberry Lime Holiday Sparkler |

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