Healthier New Year's Eve Cocktails

Whether you're planning on going out for a big party or simply staying home for a quiet celebration, here are some healthier New Year's Eve cocktails that contain no added sugar. 

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With party season in full swing, I wanted to equip you with some healthier New Year's Eve cocktails to try and keep you feeling great into 2018. There are warm winter drinks like the festive pomegranate whisky cocktail, inspired by my time in Paris, or rather my time spent surviving the winter in Paris. The cranberry lime sparkler is an alcohol-free option if you want to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. Or if you want to go off topic, grab a spicy cucumber mint margarita.

I even have some ideas for fun flavored ice cubes to throw in the mix. And if you want to avoid adding refined sugar to your drinks, which I know you do, then try my honey ginger syrup. Most importantly, have a safe and happy New Year!

New Year's Cocktails 

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